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1. Write Your Book and Become a Bestseller in Just 8 Weeks!

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Are you an entrepreneur looking for ways to grow your business?

Have you ever thought about writing a book to PROMOTE your ideas, speaking points, business strategies, or tools of your trade? Publishing a BESTSELLER is the BEST way to grow your business, brand yourself, and make yourself an expert in your field.

Are you unsure of how to write your book, how to navigate the self-publishing process, or how to find the time to commit to this project?


Whether or not you have content, an idea, or even a topic, we will teach you HOW TO WRITE a BESTSELLER in as little as 8 weeks. While you are writing your book, we publish your book for you from start to finish, and let you keep all the copyrights. At the end of 8 weeks, you'll have a fully published book become a #1 BESTSELLER on Amazon.

A BESTSELLER creates ENDLESS growth opportunities for your business.

A BESTSELLER becomes an: additional revenue stream, permanent high-powered marketing element, lead source, and foundation of credibility.

Our Author/Expert Masterclass is an Interactive Course that will get your book written & published in JUST 8 Weeks! We walk you through EVERY step of the process and do all the hard work for you. All you have to do is have an idea for your book and attend the course!


Promote yourself as a coach, speaker or consultant
Increase Awareness of your Business & Business Story
Promote Your Speaking Points & Ideas
Create a Permanent Marketing Element
Grow Sales & Create an Ongoing Revenue Stream
Become an Expert in Your Field/Topic
Increase Your Credibility
Create a New Lead Source

What you GET

Full-service publishing from Start to Finish in 8 weeks!
We do all the hard work for you

  • #1 Bestseller on Amazon
  • Complete eBook and Paperback Publishing & Formatting
  • Title & Subtitle Creation with SEO Keywords
  • Custom Graphic Designed Book Covers
  • 3D Book Covers
  • Electronic Proofs of your book
  • 10 Image Insertions
  • ISBN Number Assignment
  • Full Copyright
  • Keep 100% Royalties
  • Wholesale Printing Prices
  • Amazon Author Page


What you LEARN

We'll teach you everything you need to create the right content for your business and get it written in 8 weeks!

  • Full Access to Author Expert Masterclass
  • Access to our Book Writing Fast Pass Digital Training Course
  • One on One Coaching calls
  • Live Weekly Group Training
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 20 Ways to Promote Your Book Cheat Sheet
  • Books to Bucks eBook
  • Writing Strategies
  • Business Promotion Strategies


We do all the hard work for you! 
From custom cover creations and graphics to lead generating Amazon author pages and a #1 bestseller author campaign - we FULLY publish and market your book for you from start to finish!
Melanie and Jenn are both 10x bestselling authors. They have the experience and know-how to teach you exactly what you need to know in order to help grow your business through promoting your book. Both are experts at writing & marketing!
We know how to make you money! 
Publishing a book increases your sales by creating a permanent high-powered marketing element. Your prospective clients may throw away your business card, but they won't throw away your book!

What Bestselling Authors 
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Elite Online Publishing

CEO and Author Melanie Churella Johnson Melanie Churella Johnson is a distinguished 10x bestselling author and recognized publishing and marketing expert. She is also a single mom of two, a previous Miss Michigan and first runner-up to Miss America. Before founding Elite, Melanie owned and operated two independent TV stations in Houston and Dallas. She’s also been a News Anchor, Producer, and Financial Strategist and worked in Public Relations, Promotions, TV Ad Sales and Programming Negotiations.

Jenn Foster is one of today’s national online and mobile marketing leaders, an award-winning web designer, author, highly sought-after speaker and named one of America’s “Premier Experts.” She is also the recipient of the esteemed “Quilly Award” and a dedicated single mom of three. In addition to Elite Online Publishing, Jenn is the founder and CEO of Biz Social Boom, a company dedicated to helping business owners of all sizes thrive in today’s highly technical world of product and service promotion. She helps hundreds of businesses build award-winning websites and become front-page news across search engines.


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